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About Us

Based in the British Virgin Islands, THORNTON SMITH provides practical solutions for complex legal and business transactions with a suite of value-added services to clients. With a genuinely intimate knowledge of the local community, we can represent anyone interested in doing business in the British Virgin Islands.

We use state-of-the-art technological solutions to provide time sensitive responses regardless of the time-zone of our client with a commitment to the health and safety of our employees, visitors and clients and the rapid resumption of operations and services in the event of an emergency, disaster, or other business interruption. THORNTON SMITH closely monitors performance of all staff, particularly with respect to quality of service and practice development. Through our Client Satisfaction Survey, we include client satisfaction as an integral part of our overall strategic objectives.

With a commitment to fully engaging our lawyers, professionals and support staff, we are uniquely poised to deliver on our strategic objective of client satisfaction through unmatched client service. Our lawyers and staff are not only engaged for the purpose of making money but through our charitable arm, The William Thornton Foundation, we are committed to finding solutions for the communities in which we operate.

When considering complex legal and commercial transactions we always Think Solution. Click here to download a copy of our brochure. You may also download a copy of our Terms of Engagement 2022.


We Think technologically to allow us to provide a proven Solution to our clients virtually anywhere, anytime.  We invest significant resources in state-of-the art networks and servers, desktops and laptops to improve reliability and reduce downtime. Our network allows us to stay connected with each other and with our clients anywhere, anytime by landline, smartphone or remote access through Wi-Fi or other access points. Our fax system provides electronic deliveries anywhere in the world anytime. The automation of our primary processes ensures reliability regardless of location.

Our Knowledge Center maintains documents, forms, templates, precedents, briefs, practice materials and research materials through our remotely accessible document management system. Additionally, we are connected to all the leading online research materials and have an integrated system for updating materials with 24/7 support to our lawyers and professional staff.

With our heavy reliance on our infrastructure for operational support, we consider even a limited loss of our operational capacity could seriously affect our performance and client satisfaction. Therefore, we have a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan that prepares for various emergency situations to ensure that our clients continue to be served through a minor power failure or even the most catastrophic disaster.


We are the first commercial enterprise in the British Virgin Islands with a clear policy on diversity that does not view the local population as only capable of being support for lawyers from overseas, but truly centered on inclusion of all people who can help us fulfill our strategic objectives. For us, our Equal Opportunities Policy is more than words on paper, but requires constant effort to build awareness of the value of diversity for our firm and its clients.


As part of our commitment to our community, we have begun a “Green Initiative” that seeks to use less energy in our workplace, create less waste and serve as a catalyst for change in the wider community. Through this initiative, we emphasize the use of natural light to minimize reliance on electricity to power artificial lighting throughout our office spaces. While we use technology, such as scanners and electronic fax to PC systems to minimize the use of paper, when we do use paper materials and stationery they have at least 30% recycled content and almost all of our other products are completely biodegradable.


We recognize our colleagues’ achievements and seek to be recognized consistently for our expertise in the areas in which we practice as well as for our community service and commitment to our employees.

Thornton Smith

All of our services are available at our BVI office, providing support to our lawyers and professionals wherever they are at any time.


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Capitol Chambers
P.O. Box 3534
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British Virgin Islands
Capitol Chambers
Parson's Estate
Sea Cow's Bay, Tortola
British Virgin Islands


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